Switching from UNIX to Windows 11 (WSL2)


Forgive me for I hath sinned.

I’ve switched base OS from Linux LTS to Windows 11.

It’s not as bad as you may think [WSL2 + debian, native X11, shared wslenv, cuda-wsl, docker-wsl, vscode-wsl, WSA(!), native monitor calibration + inversion + text superres].

Also combining win + linux commands.

Windows running Linux:

PS C:\Users\Casper> wsl ls -l | wsl grep " -> " | Select-Object -First 1
lrwxrwxrwx 1 cas cas    35 Sep 30 17:03 Application Data -> /mnt/c/Users/Casper/AppData/Roaming

Linux running Windows:

~$ which winget.exe

Also bonus OEM battery charge limits + AI noise cancellation + less reliance on hacks.

And companies actually fix even my most obscure esoteric issues (my AMD CPU has a built-in low-power GPU):

Finally, MS PowerToys:

The only real cons so far are minor; I’m willing to live with them:

Haven’t found any comprehensive guides online from ‘nix powerusers taking win seriously (e.g. this has surprisingly little info).

idk if I should write a post about this - “Why I switched to Windows after 2 decades of Linux” U++++>+++w-->+++@

even the surprisingly performant IDE tech stack is worth an under-the-hood exposition (vscode -> containers extension -> docker -> wsl driver -> mounted virtual disk).